7 Blogging Tips for Authors

Everyone is blogging these days, from unknown authors to literary legends—and you should be too.
But since blogging has become ubiquitous as a book-promotion tool, it’s important to do things right!
Here are 7 ways to make sure your blog has a positive impact on your writing career.

1. Look pro

No matter how good your content, the design of your website is really important. It’s how you lure visitors further into your site. You want your website design to look clean and “cool” (however you define that term).  Otherwise visitors might hit the dreaded back button and never even get to see your content.
So, does your website pass the 3-second test?

2. Imagine the whole world is reading

Before you post anything on your blog, ask yourself two questions: would I be embarrassed if anyone read this (critics, editors, family members, enemies, etc.), and is this content WORTH sharing?
In other words, you should be sure that your blog posts will interest your readers, that they’re share-worthy, and that you won’t regret them later!

3. Keep it simple, stupid

We have short attention spans. Feed us tiny meals, but twice as often. The simpler, shorter, punchier your posts, the better they’ll perform in terms of engagement and sharing.
Plus, shorter posts are easier to create and you can stick to a regular content schedule without constant stress.

4. Let your personality shine

If someone is visiting your website, they’re there for YOU—so give it to them! Make sure your personality is on display.
You don’t have to be a freaky diva all the time, but be sure readers can tell from the content that you post WHY you’re unique.

5. Post lots of photos and videos

Social media thrives on the sharing of photos and videos. Post your own. Post other’s. Post, post, post.
Here are some video promotion tips:

6. Be part of a blogging community

Remember, there is strength in numbers. Be sure to network with other authors through their blogs and social media profiles. Share content and exchange guest-contributions.
Introduce your readers to other peoples’ works that you admire. Let other writers introduce your work to their fans.

7. Tag, tag, tag

Tagging posts is one way to ensure that search engines (and more importantly, readers!) find the content they’re looking for. Tag every post with relevant names and keywords.

Source: Book Baby