Plans Afoot to Islamise Lagos?

Recently, I stumbled on this article by a concerned Lagosian and I wonder if it is true that there are underground plans to Islamise Lagos, a city of multi religious people from all parts of Nigeria, Africa and the world.

Judging from the dichotomous cacophony emerging from two Lagos State Commissioners, it is likely that the religious upheaval transpiring in Osun State under Governor Rauf Aregbesola may soon translate to Lagos. While the Lagos State Commissioner for Education, Mrs Olayinka Oladunjoye has announced that the Muslim garb of the hijab will not be allowed in Lagos public schools, her colleague, the commissioner for Information and Strategy, Lateef Ibirogba, has made it vociferously lucid that the State Government is considering all options and will soon take a decision on the matter.

The hijab issue (the wearing of a long black gown with a veiled face glove) has been a hot issue in numerous countries including Britain, France, the Netherlands, and Germany and even in Muslim Turkey which was decreed to be a circular nation by the modern founder, Kemal Attaturk. Riots and serious disorders have taken place over this mode of dressing by Muslims in those countries.

A reliable source informs Lagos Blog that Governor Babatunde Fashola may be succumbing to the pressure being exerted on him by Rauf Aregbesola's intervention and still subsisting dominance over Lagos State affairs through his mentor and former boss, ex Governor Ahmed Tinubu. It is noteworthy that from his accession to the gubernatorial seat in Osun State, Southwest Nigeria, Aregbesola has continuously attempted to Islamise Osun State through various actions like uniformity of public schools' mode of kitting out, official meetings and events being scheduled for Christian worship days of Sundays, and many other concomitant and peripheral acts of commission.

Aregbesola has been taken up by the Christian Association of Nigeria in Osun State, he has stood his ground, and, as the former Lagos State Commissioner for Works and a founding member of the Islamic Sect of NASFAT in Lagos, he still wilts a lot of power in Alausa, the seat of the Lagos State Government.

Consequent upon the fact that five of the six Southwest Nigeria's Governors, Fashola, Amosu, Ajumobi, Aregbesola, Mimiko, are Muslims and Muslim Governors, Jakande, Tinubu, Fashola, dominate the politics of Lagos State, with Senator Ashafa or Doctor Banire, being hot favourites to succeed Fashola, it is poignant that Christians will have their say but the Islamists will have their way.

On a historical note, the birth place of Christianity, the Middle East, has almost entirely been Islamised. Christians have been and are still being expelled from Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, the lands of great Biblical mention including Damascus, Bethlehem, Antioch, and the Jordan and Tigris Rivers. It is sadly didactic that Pope Francis recently canonized (made Saints after beatification by the immediate past Pope Benedict II) 800 Christians who, in 1480, in Otranto in Puglia, southern Italy had their throats slit from ear to ear, killed in broad day light by Islamic Jihadists from the Ottoman Empire, for refusing to apostatise by becoming Muslims. It is also worthy of note that the main condition precedent for peace by the Boko Haram Islamic Jihadists is the complete Islamisation of Nigeria by Sharia.

Quote of the Day: "Religion is the opiate of the masses."--Karl Marx