How to Use Metadata to Boost your eBook Sales

Metadata is one of the least understood components to publishing an eBook, but it's critical to your marketing and sales efforts. Metadata is all the information related to a specific book, including:

• Author biography
• The genre and subgenre of your book
• Short and long book descriptions
• Keywords that will aid readers searching for your book on Amazon

What's so important about metadata? Browsing through the online bookshelves usually begins with a search. If your metadata does not reflect what someone is searching for, no one will ever find your book.
So how do you go about creating good metadata? Here are a few ideas:

Research Retailers. Go to, Apple's iBookstore or and look up books like yours. What categories are they in? Study the book descriptions. See what words they've used to describe their books. Then search for books using the keywords you found using the keyword tool.

• Use Google's Keyword Tool. It's a tremendous window into the world of what people are searching for through Google. Look up words you feel describe your book and you'll quickly see whether people are searching for those words and what other words they are using.

Be Consistent. Don't put one book description on Amazon and change it around for B&N. Use similar wording for the boilerplate on your press release, book flyer, etc. Create a document or spreadsheet documenting the metadata and where you used it. This is especially important if you have several titles and a huge time saver as you expand your marketing.

Source: Book Baby