How to Boost Your Business with eBooks: 6 Forms of eBook "White Papers"

While the business world is just now discovering the benefits of the eBook, this basic concept has been around for awhile under a different name – White Papers. White Paper was the term coined for government reports that were written to help sway public opinion. They tended to be scholarly articles laying out the rationale behind official policy.

Before long this concept was quickly snapped up by the business community to do essentially the same thing. Corporate white papers served as a key tool for influencing consumer opinion by presenting the benefits of a product or service. White Papers offer useful information instead of directly soliciting business, they break through the marketplace communication overload more effectively than advertising and many other marketing techniques. Contributing to the success of your audience through white papers builds relationships, which in turn builds referrals and revenues. Your White Paper – or eBook – can take a variety of forms, including:

TIMELY NEWS ARTICLES or "buzz pieces" that describe problems faced by your target audience and offer your company's recommendations for solving them. Putting these real life stories into eBook form allows you to present your approach and capabilities in a professional yet persuasive, soft-sell manner.

CASE STUDIES are an extremely popular eBook topic that allows your readers to profit from the experiences of others. As you describe how you helped organizations solve their problems, you will subtly and convincingly showcase your capabilities.

SPECIAL REPORTS can be the perfect format for presenting and highlighting industry trends and new developments that are of interest to your readers. When you're able to support this with your company's unique perspectives and opinions, this is an excellent way to establish your reputation as a thought leader.

HOW-TO GUIDES, CHECKLISTS, AND TOOLKITS are very popular quick reads that are sure to attract a large audience. They can help your clients and customers implement new procedures, avoid potential problems, and develop a thorough understanding of complex challenges.

Pound for pound, an eBook can be the most powerful new weapon in your marketing arsenal. Taking the time to write an eBook for your business is one of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise, build brand recognition and loyalty, boost your website's SEO, engage with clients throughout the buying cycle, and increase your prospective customer base.

"But I'm in the business of doing business," I hear you say. "I'm no writer!"

Fear not. You don't have to be Shakespeare to share valuable expertise and help a reader overcome the challenges they face.

Source: Book Baby