How to Write an E-book from Valuable Life Experience

Whether you're an avid gardener, a fanatical sports fan, an obsessed collector of "stuff", a jazz pianist, a weekend carpenter, a card maker or a photographer; it doesn't matter what your subject. YOU ARE AN EXPERT at those things that you love and are good at doing. And, it is experts like you who write how-to books about their areas of expertise.

HOWEVER, there is one area where many people don't realize that they are ALSO an expert, and that area is "valuable life experience". That's right, VLE! VLE stands for Valuable Life Experience. We all have VLE. In fact, VLE is a valuable asset that just about anyone over 20 years old possesses in sufficient quantities to write about.

The great thing about VLE is that it is absolutely unique. NO ONE else has lived exactly what you have, or has exactly your unique perspective on life. Almost all the list of typical "how-to" book titles that are pulled off of the Web site could be classified as "self-help". Did it ever occur to you that all self-help books are "how-to" books?

Think about it. Aren't self-help books simply "how-to" books about some aspect of "how to live one's life"? Am I right? And of course, all credible "how-to self-help" books are based on the author's own Valuable Life Experience - VLE. In reality, VLE is the basis for almost ALL self-help books. So, whatever you do, MAKE SURE you don't discount your own personal "valuable life experience".

In these days of Oprah, Dr. Phil, Chicken Soup books, Home Makeover shows and Reality TV, I don't have to tell you how marketable VLE is! As Oprah said not that long ago on her TV show, you too can "Turn your wounds into wisdom." That's what VLE is all about!

Quote of the Day: "Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses."—George Washington

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