How to Sell your Articles or Writing Skills

What you don't want to be doing as a freelance writer is spending your time flogging your wares in all the wrong places. You don't want to be fussing around putting your resume on or other types of job boards. There are very few places that post ads for freelancers on actual job boards. Actually I've found that post for jobs on these writing sites usually come to less than five a month.

Because we are looking at a self sustaining system for online writing income we need to get stuck straight into the proven profitable markets, which are:

1. Bidding on the auction sites
2. Selling yourself on the live advice lines and;
3. Self publishing

Consider these 3 areas to be the most recommended and reliable sources of income - by myself and other professional writers.

Auction Sites and are the main players here. They are both outsourcing forums that allow writers to post their profiles and bid on projects that are posted by buyers looking for projects that they want completed. These sites don't specialize in just writing but all kinds of services that can be outsourced such as graphic design, website design and administrative services.

Both sites have different membership levels which will affect your bidding privileges. Guru is the bigger of the two and has the cheaper membership rates but they also tend to pay less for jobs and their customer service isn't as good as that at Elance.

DON'T bother with the free membership option at either site. You will only get access to the lowest paying jobs and will be competing with hundreds of others for work.

Charging For Phone Consulting is one of the largest and oldest live advice sites on the web with the money you make being directly deposited into your bank account every fortnight (or paid by cheque every month for citizens outside of the US).

They will allow you to post four free profiles per three allowed phone numbers which acts as a great business card for your online business. You can get work directly from individuals who call you on keen; they will just assign your over the phone. is a site of aggregated service providers that allows you to charge per minute for your own online chat. You can sell advice or consulting services in any of several categories that relate to writing - of which there are a number.

Self Publishing allows you to upload content for sale on their site. It must be content that you have rights to and you can set whatever price and conditions you want on the sale. will let you upload ebooks for free and will even convert them into PDF format for you. Your customer has the option of having your book sent to them as hardcover or emailed to them in the PDF format.

You can of course go to any of the sites mentioned above and read through their Terms and Conditions and make a start.

Quote of the Day: "Don't be afraid of going slowly. Only be afraid of standing still."—Annoymous

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