How to Make Money Writing a How-To E-Book

As I stated in the previous article, "how-to" books are usually written by "experts" in a particular field or subject. That's true, but as I also explained, the cool part is that everyone is an expert in some or many areas - including YOU! In fact, how-to books can (and are) written by anyone and everyone. Really!

Put quite simply, how-to books can be written by anyone who has the capability of writing down what they are speaking as they explain to someone else, something that is near and dear to their heart. Think about it. What are your big interests and/or activities in life? What's your favorite hobby, or your preferred sporting activity? What books and magazines do you seek out? What subjects are guaranteed to grab your attention in any situation or when depicted in the media? What are you good at—at work and/or at play? On what subjects do friends, family members, and co-workers constantly seek your advice and/or expertise? That's right—you're likely an "expert" on numerous subjects.

Whether you're an avid gardener, a fanatical sports fan, an obsessed collector, a jazz pianist, or a weekend carpenter—you are an expert at those things that you love doing. Remember, you DO NOT have to be the world's foremost authority on your particular subject(s). As long as you have a keen interest in the subject and have acquired above-average knowledge of it, you are in a position to write about it for the consumption of those less knowledgeable in that area of interest.

The only other real qualification needed to write a how-to book (aside from specific interest/knowledge) is that you need to have the ability to write down what would come out of your mouth if you were explaining your subject to a friend, colleague, or family member. The bottom line is that if you can organize your thoughts enough to explain something, and then write that down in a simply worded step-by-step fashion, you too can be a how-to author.

There are a numerous reasons why one might want to write a how-to book, and they aren't mutually exclusive. Here are a few of the more obvious ones:

It is an accepted fact in the book selling industry that people are willing to pay good money for the kind of practical benefits that how-to books tend to offer. The fact is that people will pay much more money for a single how-to book than they ever will for a best-selling novel!

Once you have published a how-to book on any subject you will be regarded by everyone, including other experts in your field, as someone who knows what they are talking about. Essentially, your book will give you instant widespread credibility.

After all, how hard can it be to write about how to do something that you are presumably an expert in—especially when you have a guide such as this to show you the practical side of creating your book?

Once you are recognized as an expert in your field by virtue of your how-to book, you can ride that instant credibility wave to promote other products and services that you may have. People who have read your book will be much more open to your other offers because they have gained trust in you through your book.

For some of us, one of the main reasons for writing a how-to book is simply for the sheer enjoyment and satisfaction of getting it written down so that we can share it with other like-minded souls. So, in light of the list of benefits above; if you have EVER considered writing a how-to book or e-book it's hard to rationalize why you wouldn't at least give writing one a fair try.

Quote of the Day: "You may never know your true potential until you begin to do what you have never done before."—Sam Awa

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