How to Make Money with Google Adsense

Have you ever heard of Google Adsense? Perhaps, you have. Maybe, you haven't. Well, Google Adsense is one of the numerous opportunities to make legitimate income online with very little capital. In this article, I'll show you step-by-step guide on how to create a website and setup your Google Adsense account in order to make money online without doing anything afterward.

Step 1: Do Personal Preparation
The first thing you need to do before you can tap into this billion dollars Google Adsense business is to decide on an idea to sell or promote. It can be a product or information. This is vital because Google places advertisements on sites which have rich content.

After you have decided on an idea to sell or promote, you need to develop content for your idea—an introduction, benefits, usage, where, when and how to get the product.

The next thing you will have to do is to sign up for an e-mail at

Step 2: Get a Website Template or Design One by Yourself
1. Create a table or edit a website template
2. Copy and paste your content
3. Insert images, pictures, icons, and graphics
4. Establish links and hyperlinks
5. Review all the links

Step 3: Register a Domain Name
1. A domain name is your unique website name or address. This name helps visitors find you easily.
2. Give your website a simple but clear name to be registered with any web solutions provider.
2. The name will be something like this:,,, etc. You can register your site at Salvation Hosts with very little amount.  

Step 4: Get a Hosting Space
1. Hosting space is like a plot of land where you want to build your website.
2. The space or size depends on the nature of your website.
3. A web solution provider will help. However, I'll like to recommend Salvation Hosts. In fact, with as little as N3, 000, you can register and host your website at Salvation Hosts.

Step 5: Open a Domiciliary Bank Account
Go to any bank and ask for a domiciliary account and get your account number. This is very important because this is the account to which Google will send your withdrawals. If you have a domiciliary account already, you don't need to open another one.

Step 6: Set Up a Google Adsense Account
1. Signup for a Google Adsense account from Google Adsense Page. Please make sure that you have already opened a Gmail account before you apply for Adsense because Google only accepts a Gmail email address. 
2. After you have set up your Adsense Account, create your ads types and features, and obtain codes.
3. Insert your Google Adsense codes on every page of your website.
4. Keep to the term and conditions of Google Adsense so that your account will not be deleted.
5. Preview your website to see the Google Adsense codes.

Step 7: Promote or Market your Website
1. Advertise your website, by sending e-mails to friends or advertising on a newspaper ads, etc.
2. You can also use words of mouth or any other profitable means. You see, you need to get as many visitors as possible to visit your website on daily basis so that they can view and click on Google Adsense (Google adverts) placed on your site. The more clicks you get daily, the more income you receive daily. An average click will earn you about half a Euro. If you get a hundred clicks a day, you may be earning about 50 Euros a day and about 1500 Euros a month. There is no gimmick!
3. Monitor your account regularly to see your new money roll by.

Quote of the Day: "The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority."—Kenneth Blanchard

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