How to Make Money through Blogging

Blogging ("blog" is short for web log) is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing areas in the Internet and it's not hard to see why: It allows anybody without the slightest skill of technical knowledge to quickly and easily set up a web presence and do so for free. Blogs are about pure content creation. You can write to your heart's content and on any subject you please. If you're interested in it then other people will be as well.

Because blogs by their very nature are always changing their content (remember: content is king), they are very popular with the Internet search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo and are constantly being spidered by their robots.

It is the blogs' popularity with the search engines that makes them an excellent avenue for earning extra income. The trick is in "monetising" the blogs which you do by embedding placing Google Adsense and Banner ads on the blog and embedding affiliate marketing links in and after each of your posts.

As we've already covered in previous articles, the buyers at outsourced auction sites aren't really after top quality writing (except in the case of copy for web sales pages). They want fast content and they want to procure it as cheaply as possible. This can sometimes make for a low priced and unpredictable market.

There are therefore a few rules that you need to observe to ensure that you can consistently profit from your writing:

1. Keep it simple:  To be self sufficient as an online freelance writer you need to develop a system of getting buyers in your virtual door and out as fast as possible. This means belonging to one auction bidding site (either Elance or Guru) to keep life streamlined and simple. The great thing about doing this is all your accounts, job records, customers' emails and work history are stored in a central location. This removes a lot of administrative overhead from your operation and allows you to concentrate on bidding and creating content.

2. Be consistent and relatively fast:  You need to process books and articles as fast as you can and keep your practices to a single standard that your customers can recognise and come back for again and again.

3. Always raise your prices a little bit over time: NEVER give return customers discounts. You also need to be able to ask them for more money than they are willing to pay you if they ask for a second draft. The writing market is slanted in favour of the buyer so you need to give yourself every edge at your disposal.

Quote of the Day: "You don't lead by hitting people over the head...that is assault not leadership.'"—Dwight Eisenhower

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