How to Know Your Strength with Your Job

Employers typically dedicate a lot of time and energy to strategic planning. Creating essential positions within an organization provides a company with the opportunity to realize its vision and add significant value to their business.

A first step in the process of convincing a hiring manager to create a position for you is to learn everything you can about the companies for which you want to work. Researching the needs of the companies you want to work for is critical in determining how you can provide the solutions they require.

By thoroughly assessing your own strengths and qualifications to determine what you do best, you can turn this into an excellent employment opportunity. To ensure optimum results, you must determine your strategy before you launch this process.

Think of yourself as a new product a company is launching into the marketplace. Ask yourself what you need to do to position yourself for future success. Begin by examining the critical needs of your target company(s). Analysis of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities will highlight new hiring needs. Write a detailed job proposal that accurately reflects the critical needs you can solve.

Understand the organization you're targeting. Each company has its own culture, and candidates who fit within that environment will be in a better position to contribute to its success than those who do not.
Differentiate yourself from the crowd. Emphasize your strengths and accomplishments. Clearly explain job functions, levels of responsibility, benefits to the company, cost effectiveness, etc. Explain the advantages and unique concepts you'll bring to the table.

If you know of a company that has created such positions and benefitted from them, also include that information. Make sure to focus on the outstanding benefits of creating the position. Include all the information you believe would answer any questions that your target audience might have about your proposal.

Start the proposal with an overview page that summarizes your presentation outlining the basic elements and benefits. This will give the employer a quick summary of your idea and motivate him or her to read the full proposal.

Outline their current situation in detail, highlighting the area(s) that need improvement. Point out the problems that will be solved, and the benefits that will ensue. Give concrete examples from your recent personal experience that demonstrate the need for your position.

Detail your solution and the cost savings/time benefits that will result. Explain how you are qualified to evaluate the situation and how you would be the appropriate person to assume the new responsibilities. Reinforce your credentials as being the best choice to guide this undertaking.

You'll need to take into consideration the scope of the position, the time frame for achieving results, your geographic parameters, and whether you have considered relocation.

Solicit input from key insiders who work for the company, or in the same industry, to create and ensure accuracy. Ask them what's working and what isn't. Have them review and comment on your job proposal before you contact decision-makers at your target company(s). This contributes to a significantly more powerful and effective process.
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