Dating Tips for Women

Since time immemorial, women have been embarking on that quest towards the elusive "Mr. Right". But how do you know if you are succeeding on the turf of dating or if you are risking your safety? Here are tips to know if you are in danger:

Listen to your Heart: If intuition tells you that you are not striking a string with a certain man, dump the guy, but be kind about it. Dating is not about jumping on every person that shows interest. Settling for something less than you want is not that good of an option either.

Trust yourself: This goes with the gut feel advice. If the man seems too good to be true, chances are he really is. Don't be misled by saccharine promises. Learn to psychoanalyze a bit. Doing some background check surely won't hurt.

Keep your Feet on the Ground: Don't be swept off your feet by the excitement of the moment. Taking things slowly will keep you safe from being hurt if the guy is not really what you expected him to be.

Never Give in to Peer Pressure:  If your roommates know about your online dating escapade and advise you to single out somebody that you don't really like, don't be swayed by them. If they want that guy, they can have him. Dating is not supposed to be the decision of the group.

Don't be Desperate: Being too desperate over a relationship will spoil the fun of single dating life. Don't go against that nagging but "healthy" advice of your instinct that you're overdoing your dealings with your boyfriend or it will be your loss. For instance, if you keep trying to patch up a romance that is obviously fading, you will be the loser in the end. Sometimes it's best just to cut your losses and get on with your life. If you thought of him as the future father of your babies but he just wants a fling, get out of that relationship, fast!

If all the while you've been aiming for that long-term relationship, here are few fool-proof tips on how to spot who's NOT the man.
  • He's overly unreliable. Promises to call you but he won't.
  • He does not let you in his intimate circle of friends.
  • He never spouts anything about your future together.
  • He rushes you into his bed.
Keep these in mind and you'll be well set off for the goodies of single dating. Go get him swooning over you! Your Ad Here