Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose Bulmessageng.Com Bulk Message Gateway

I don't always like to write an article to promote a particular product or service, but I've found a good and reliable bulk message gateway that I'll like you to use to send your bulk messages. Over the years, I've created an account with a few bulk SMS websites and later found flaws in their systems. However, I have discovered what makes BulkMessageNg.Com different from other companies and I want to share them with you in today's article.

1. Registration is FREE: After your free registration, you'll get 2 FREE SMS to test their service.

2. It is cheap: Compare to other providers who offer SMS at a fixed price independent of volume, you can purchase their SMS between N2.65-N2.95. The more SMS you buy, the lesser the price.

3. You can send messages to any network in the world with: Their rate per SMS is the same irrespective of the network.

4. You are charged for only messages sent: Unlike your service providers who charge you for every message that leaves your phone whether they're delivered or not, they charge you for only the messages that have been delivered.

5. You will be notified with all the failed messages: After they have attempted to resend all your messages, they'll send you the list of all the contacts to where your message could not be delivered, either because the contacts are not correct, or they are no more functional.

6. You can customize your messages:  You can choose to make your name or the name of your company or organization show on top of the message if you don't want the recipient to reply to the message directly.

7. You can reschedule your messages to be sent at a later date: Sometimes you may want to send or resend a message at a particular time; their service allows you to set when your message will be sent even if you've shut down your computer. 

8. You can save all your contacts on your account: Compare to your phone which can only store 500 contacts or less both in the SIM and in the phone, you can store millions of contacts in your account so that you'll not have to retype them every time you want to send a message.

9. Your credits can never expire: Unlike other service providers who tell you when to exhaust your credits, you can use your credits as long as you want.

10. You can save your messages: You can save your messages in your account and edit them and resend any time you like. This will save you the time of retyping the same message every time you want to send it.

Visit Bulk Message Nigeria now and register to enjoy all these benefits and many more!

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