How to Write a Proposal Bid for a Writing Job

From my many years of experience as a freelance writer, I've come to know that many freelance writers have missed a mouthwatering writing job not because they don't know what or how to write, but because they don't know how to write an outstanding and professional proposal to bid for the writing job. This article is a sample of how to write a convincing and professional proposal bid. You can modify this article and use it to bid for a writing job and you'd be glad you did.

"Dear Sir/Madam:

Thank you for the opportunity to submit my proposal for your project 416372, "English to French Translation."  Enclosed please find all information relative to my skills and experience, as well as a plan for project implementation, cost, and time estimates.

In reviewing your project description, I was excited to learn that you are looking for a translator to properly translate your English website to French. I also learnt that the site has 14 pages at this point; you'd like to get a price to add more pages to the existing ones. Unfortunately, you've not told us the number of pages you intend to add. But be that as it may, I want to assure you that your job will be properly done.

In addition to my nine years of writing, translating and editing experience, I also possess a bachelor's degree in English, with a minor in French and a team of other professionals working under me.  Most recently, I translated an article in French to English for the local school journal and right now I've been contacted to translate a popular English novel to French. Please feel free to visit my profile to get a feel for how I may be able to help you.

If selected for the project, I would like to begin with a meeting with other translators working under me to discuss the materials in order to serve you better.  From there, I would like to map out a strategy suited to our multiple translating efforts that will illustrate each phase of the project through its completion. Before I submit your project, as it is my tradition, I will make sure that a French proofreader has proofread it.

Given your desire to translate a 14-page website with the view of adding more pages, I submit a proposed cost estimate of $1,400.00 (14 pages with approximately 1000 words per page at a cost of $0.10 per word) and a time frame to completion of three weeks. The charge for any additional page will be calculated based on the same estimate.

For the proposed cost, I will provide you with a 48-hour turnaround on up to three revisions.  In addition, I propose that we utilize's Escrow and Mediation and Arbitration services to protect our mutual investment.

Please feel free to contact me by telephone at (234) 070-3031-6413 or by email at I look forward to speaking with you about this exciting project.

Sincerely, Professional"

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