How to Keep Your Job

When layoffs are necessary, the executive team making the decisions take the process very seriously, and it's just as stressful for executives as it is for the employee. Every employee is reviewed carefully. Their work, performance appraisals, salary, and punctuality are considered along with other criteria. With today's technology and the ability to keep careful employee records, the selection process is much easier for employers, and they must be certain they keep their most valuable employees. In order to keep your job, please follow these instructions.

First, punctuality is always important. Arrive 15 minutes earlier consistently, and this will give you time to take a few minutes to get coffee, go to the restroom, or get organized before you start your work day. Even if you don't punch a time clock, the bosses know when you arrive. Say "Good morning" to your manager as you arrive, even if you have to take a longer route to your workspace to go by his or her office.

Second, explain to your friends and family that you can no longer accept personal e-mails or phone calls unless it's an emergency. If you have to accept some phone calls, ask that e-mails only be sent to your home address. Employers should understand that you have to handle personal issues from time to time, but keep it to a minimum.

Third, discontinue using your work computer for personal reasons. Your company's IT department can review the web pages you've browsed, and how long you've been viewing websites. With technology, everything can be documented. Organizations will block websites used for personal reasons, but if your employer is kind enough to give you free access to e-mail and the internet, don't take advantage of it!

Again, find ways to cut costs for your employer. In today's economy, every suggestion will improve your employer's profit. Get your co-workers involved. Something as simple as putting a jar next to the coffee machine asking for donations will assist in cutting costs. Any freebies an employer offers you cost money. You must try to show that you love you job.
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