How to Cope with Unemployment

Very true, loss of a job will bring discomfort, pain and anxiety. Nevertheless, this situation, if not well managed can do much harm or even kill! Worrying about this condition will ONLY worsen the condition! What is supposed to be done is to look for a way to cope while the situation lasts. The important thing is that the person's moral integrity and life worth are not removed or decreased by loss of job. While the situation lasts, these measures can be taken into consideration by an unemployed person.

1. There must be a careful plan on what to buy. Living on less requires careful planning. When your expenses are organized and well scrutinized, you will discover how much is being spent on NON ESSENTIALS. That process can help you to determine where to heavily cut back.

2. Determine what you need now and what is not. To cut down on non essentials, you need to be very smart, creative and resourceful. Again, before buying any stuff, THINK FIRST. Ask yourself, "Do I really need this? Or do I want it to impress others? Why must I buy it?" The fact is that, when one cannot manage a little, there will be a problem to manage a large stuff.

3. Moreover, have a written budget always. As a person presently with little cash, buy in bulk, but, be careful. Don't overstock the items that can easily spoil.

4. Mix up. Many unemployed isolate themselves, do not do that. Mix with good people. I mean people of like minds. Keep FAITH. Pray always, and have it at the back of your mind that you will get a good job. With the faith coupled with unrelenting efforts, that good job will surely come.

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