Twenty Questions to Ask before Creating an E-book

Electronic (digital) books or E-books, as they are popularly called, have become a very lucrative and popular business today. Compare to the traditional publishing, producing and supplying a book digital is less expensive and less time consuming. However, many have rushed into the e-book production business and got their fingers burnt just because they didn't ask themselves a few questions I'm sharing with you in this article before they started the business.

1. What will be the title of your e-book and will it have a subtitle?

2. Will you be the only author or will there be other co-authors?

3. Will you publish a print version of your e-book?

4. How many pages will your e-book be?

5. Will your e-book contain graphics, pictures or charts?

6. Will your e-book include an appendix and index?

7. Will you ask other authors to contribute related articles to your e-book?

8. What file formats will your e-book be available in—text, pdf, exe, html, etc.?

9. Will your e-book be sold as a product or will your e-book be used as a promotional tool?

10. Who will be your e-book's target audience?

11. What major benefit does your e-book give your target audience?

12. Will you offer your prospects a guarantee and testimonials to read?

13. Will you include a bibliography about yourself in the e-book?

14. What personal information will you include about yourself in the e-book?

15. What colours and graphic(s) will be included on the e-book cover?

16. Will you let your prospects read free sample chapters or excerpts to entice them?

17. Will you turn the e-book into other information products like videos, audio books, teleclass, etc?

18. What type of payments will you accept for the e-book?

19. Will you allow others to give away your free promotional e-book?

20. Will you be selling the reprint rights to your e-book?

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