Ten Things to Consider Before Creating a Members-Only Web Site

Have you ever visited a site where you are asked to login before you can access the information on the site? Perhaps you have. That is a members-only website dedicated to serving the interest of only subscribed members of the site. In this article, I will share with you ten things you must consider if you have any intention of running such a site.

1. What will be the title of your members-only web site and will it have a subtitle? Will you have a logo, slogan or graphics for your members-only site?

2. What type of content will you include in your members only web site? E-books, articles, software, interview transcripts, etc.

3. Will your members-only web site host a member community? Message boards, chat rooms, online classes, online consulting, etc.

4. Will you be the only content provider or will there be other providers? Will you ask other members to contribute related content to your member's site?

5. How will you allow people to navigate, find or search for information in your members-only site? Links, search engine, index, table of contents, etc.

6. Will your members-only web site be sold as a product or will it be used as a promotional tool? Will you be promoting back end products in it?

7. Will you members-only web site ad contain a guarantee, testimonials, strong headline, a major benefit, limited offer, free bonuses, etc.

8. What type of payments will you accept for the members-only web site? Will you be billing them once, monthly, quarterly or yearly?

9. Will you let your prospects read a free sample? Content excerpt, e-book chapter, article, a free hour pass, free limited membership, etc.

10. Will you password protect your members-only web site, use an honesty system or change the url every now and then?

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