Ten Free Bonuses that Can Ignite your Profits

I want share with you ten free bonuses that can ignite your profits both offline and online.

1. Interview Articles: You could compile an e-book or report of interviews you've given to experts from your particular industry.

2. Coupon e-book: You could compile an e-book full of coupons from other products you sell or from other businesses you've made coupon deals with.

3. Online Gallery: You could compile a free online gallery of pictures, graphs, charts, or graphics that is related to your target audience.

4. Webcam: You could set-up a webcam so your customers could view a particular environment or place they are interested in.

5. E-zine Archives: You could bundle all your old e-zine issues together into an e-book or member's web site.

6. Survey Results: You could compile together the results of all the surveys you've taken from your web site visitors. It could be an e-book or reports.

7. Personal Journal: You could publish a personal journal of daily actions you take that's related to your particular industry.

8. Calendar of Events: You could publish a list or e-book of events related to your target audience. It could be trade shows, seminars, fundraisers, etc.

9. Top Lists: You could publish a list or e-book of top ten lists that your customers would be interested in. It can be about related products, people, etc.

10. Email Discussion List: You could make a private e-mail discussion list only for people that purchase your product. Your Ad Here