How to Attract more Visitors to your Website

Many people don't have the time or skills to write and create e-books to give away to their web site visitors. Giving away e-books from your web site can easily increase traffic and sales. Why not create promotional e-books for other people to use so they can promote their web site.

First, you will need to write and create your own e-book to give away to your visitors. If you don't want to write one, you could ask permission to use other writers' articles or material. Be sure to include your text or banner at the beginning of the e-book.

Once your e-book is uploaded to your web site you can allow people to download it and give it away to their web site visitors. Your ad will continue to be spread all over the internet. You can take this strategy one step further to make it even more powerful. Allow people to sign-up to get a version of the e-book with their own text or banner ad included in it. With their own ad included in the e-book, they'll work harder to promote it. That means your ad will be seen by even more people. It's now a win/win situation for you and your visitors!
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