Get a Cheap Website now and Pay in Naira!

Many years ago, the only major means whereby people could advertise their goods and services were only the radio, television and the newspaper. Apart from being damn too expensive, these means have their own fatal limitations.

One, none of these means has worldwide coverage and at such, they are limited to a particular geographical location.

Two, no matter how much you gets, you can never run an advertisement 24/7 on any of these means. In recent time, the Internet has come to fill that gap of taking your products and services across the globe around the clock. But quite unfortunately, many people, especially those in Africa and Latin America have not tapped much into this great opportunity because of either ignorance or cost.

I won't emphasize on ignorance because this article has brought a solution to that. But admittedly, it's pretty expensive to own a website. There are three reasons why it is expensive to own and maintain a website.

One, you must first and foremost hire a web designer who will design your website for you. The amount usually charged ranges from N50,000.00—N80,000.00 or between $435.00—$695.00; and this is only for your home page and does not include other pages which are linked to your home page.

Two, after your home page has been designed, you must register it on the Internet so that other people can see your site. There are many online companies which offer this service and their charges vary. On the average, you need about N2,000.00 or $17.00 to get your site registered and listed on the World Internet Database. Registration is renewed at yearly basis with the same amount used for the initial registration.

Again, even after you have successfully designed and registered your site, nobody will be able to see it on the Internet until the site has been uploaded to a web server. There are several online companies which provide many web servers for their customers to save their websites at a price. This service is called "web hosting". Although they usually charge per month, almost all companies only allow a minimum of 1year subscription. As usual, their charges differ depending on the quality and quantity of the service provided. But on the average, about N7,000.00 or $60.00 per year is what you need to have your site hosted with a minimum disk space of 50MB.

After when all the three conditions have been made, your website can then be uploaded to your Internet server and it can then seen by the public. This may sound tedious and winding if you don't have the technical knowledge. But to the experts, it is not all that tedious but like cooking some porridge.

The Bad News
From the above, it therefore means that if you want to get a website and you have no basic idea about Internet technology, it will cost you about N65,000.00 or $400.00 to get a website without your labor. But that is pretty on a higher side, especially if you're just an individual. The story doesn't end there because from time to time, you'll have to add a few pages to your site just as you'd buy furniture for your apartment. Again, if you're a novice in this area, it therefore means that you'll need some good amount of money to pay a webmaster who will maintain your site for you.

The Good News
If you are living in Nigeria or Ghana, this is good news for you. You can now get your website at N4,000.00/yr only and save N61,000.00. With this amount, Salvation Ventures will help you to design your website, register it for you and get a good and reliable web host to host your site. In addition, we will always be available to maintain and update your site without any extra cost. This service does not discriminate. Whether as an individual or corporate body like school, church, mosque, club, etc; we charge the same amount.

Remember, this amount is for a whole year. Can you beat that? Now let me ask you a question. Is there any other means whereby you can advertise your products or services 24/7 at N417.00 only per month? Think about that. "Too good to be true" you may say. Our word is our bond. We are no robots but real time people. Check out our cheap web design, registration and hosting plans and give us a call later. Your Ad Here